Studentenarbeiten aus dem Sommersemester 2018

This semester 1st year bachelor students were asked to reconstruct a facade in detail. The task was to deconstruct the given facade and to translate the most prominent features into a cube. From the tension between the two logics, it produces a hybrid that both is the abstraction as important architectural strategy, but also the gestures of the integrated figure; a kind of collage 2.0 that reflects the tradition of what takes up early modern collage and was evolved with contemporary digital tools.

Melanie Ayvaz und Luna Emembolu, Julian Bleckmann und Niklas Rettberg, Mila Kretschmann, Christiane Öhmann und Jan Birkenbeul, Annika Porschen, Chiara Pavesio und Hale Nur Caner, Pia Steffen, Jelka Seidel und Christopher Schultz, Esma Tutar, Elona Sylejmani und Rabiye Pasayigit, Finn Gundermann und Burak Güller